Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Holly Schlaack is a dynamic speaker who has motivated and encouraged thousands of people to become a part of the solution to the crises facing foster children.  From grade school classrooms to college campuses to state and national conferences, Holly has presented to a wide variety of audiences on topics related to abused and neglected children and the importance of getting involved.

What people are saying about Holly Schlaack:

"Caring, committed, compassionate and insightful, just a few words to describe Holly Schlaack. Her presentations are impactful and motivating.

"Holly presented at our annual prevent child abuse event in Knox County, Indiana this past April in recognition of Prevent Child Abuse Month. The event and Holly's presence helped increase the understanding of child abuse and neglect as a community problem with real answers to overcome the horrific horror our most vulnerable children face. One of the things that makes Holly so unique and effective is her strength based attitude, positive demeanor and encouraging tone while not diminishing the seriousness of child abuse and neglect with catastrophic long-term consequences if not appropriately combated. She takes a daunting social crisis and gives understanding to how real people can make real differences in their own communities and change these catastrophic consequences allowing children to enjoy healthy, productive lives.

Having held many different roles during her child welfare tenure, Holly offers a variety of possibilities to plan and implement trainings or keynote presentations with preventative agencies, CASA programs or other child welfare entities. She works hard to meet the individual needs of the hosting agency and community. Methodically and tirelessly, she works on a personal and professional level to decrease and eradicate the child abuse and neglect problem facing our communities through collaborative effort."

Dena Held, Director Knox County Court Appointed Special Advocate Program Vincennes, IN
Tanya Bezy, President Knox County Prevent Child Abuse Council Vincennes, IN

"Ms. Schlaack's presentation style is truly engaging and packed with important information every CASA needs to hear. Her passion is contagious and her knowledge and expertise is invaluable. Our volunteers and staff have asked to invite her back again and again."

Nancy Bush, Executive Director Alabama CASA Network

“Holly is clearly an expert on foster children who is driven by a desire to serve.  After hearing her speak, I am re-committed and re-energized.  Thank you!”

“Abused and neglected infants and toddlers have an ally in Holly Schlaack.  She has become the voice they do not have, helping all of us understand what they need and how we can help them.  She’s speaking loud and clear on their behalf and people are listening.”

“Holly is a talented speaker whose passion for foster kids and knowledge about serving them shines through every word.”

“I expected to hear an expert talk about advocating for abused and neglected children.  The bonus I didn’t expect was how much fun and energizing it was to hear Holly Schlaack speak.”

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