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Foster children exist in every city across the nation and although they are largely invisible in their communities, information about them and the system designed to care for them is just a click away.  If you want to know more about foster children, the laws that govern them and the critical issues they face, spend some time checking out the following websites.

www.childwelfare.gov This website is an amazing resource for information regarding abused and neglected children.  It covers a broad range of topics including child maltreatment, out-of-home care, adoption and more.  It is full of national and state statistics on the prevalence of different types of child maltreatment.  See where your state ranks.

www.kidsarewaiting.org.  A project of the Pew Commission on Foster Care (see below), this website aims to raise awareness of the number of children adrift in foster care, needing stability and permanency.  This website is very user-friendly and will appeal to any layperson who wants to learn more about children in foster care. 

www.pewfostercare.org.  The Pew Commission on Foster Care was established with the goal of improving outcomes for children in foster care.  Comprised of child welfare leaders, prominent judges, social workers and former foster youth as well as others, the commission works to develop recommendations about the foster care system and the children it is charged with protecting. 

www.waimh.org.  The World Association for Infant Mental Health is a collaborative effort of psychologists and other clinicians around the world dedicated to promoting the mental well being and healthy development of infants.  Visit this website to learn more about these efforts and the education and research that fuels them.

www.zerotothree.org.  This is one of my favorite websites.  Completely devoted to research and practice involving babies and toddlers, Zero To Three is a phenomenal resource available to both professionals and parents.  Some of the nation’s best thinkers and researchers channel their efforts into educating all of us on what is happening with America’s babies and toddlers.  Explore this website and find fascinating information on a variety of topics including social emotional development, early childhood mental health and brain development.

www.raisemeup.org  Raise Me Up is a national effort that offers people the chance to make a difference in a child's life.  Raise Me Up aims to involve communities in the crises facing foster children and gives people concrete ways they can help.  Visit this website to learn more about the power of communities to change the course of a chid's life.

To add suggestions to this list of websites or to offer feedback, please drop me a line at invisiblekids@cinci.rr.com.   How has your education about foster children progressed since you began your research?  Let me know how it’s going.


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