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"Your book makes a real contribution to the whole area of protective services.  I expect it to be helpful and influential as we continue to advocate for programs that address human needs."  

- Frances Strickland, Former First Lady of Ohio 

Every so often a story hits the headlines and for a brief moment people awaken to the plight of a child in foster care. Perhaps there is some comfort in thinking the tragedy was an isolated incident.

However, these stories are not uncommon, they are just not often told.

There is more to the foster care story, and it needs to be made known. Not so we can wring our hands and gnash our teeth, but so we can do something about it. Invisible Kids reveals an insider’s view of foster care—the successes and the failures—and details how the foster care system can be improved. It tugs at the heartstrings and motivates to action so that, some day, there will be no need to weep for the children.

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